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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Central Park by Jonathan Gable sorta reminds me of Love Taker by Stefano Pulga

This time it's a more traditional sounding Italo Disco, and one that has more of a dance beat.  A discotto production from 1985.

It isn't particularly special but it's catchy.  I find it quite enjoyable yet at the same time I could easily forget I ever heard it.

Go to the Park

I'm a little baffled by this one

It's not really Italo Disco.  I don't even think I like it.  But in a way it's sorta fun.

Being that it's an obscure Italian dance record I suppose it goes in line of what you'd expect from me. Up an' Away by The Mask Banana Records Italy 1980.


The italo disco camp of 1983's Neanderthal Man

A decidely off-kilter italo disco number from 1983.  Decidedly campy.  I burned this one myself in 2009.  I'm refreshing the link.  Something about it reminds me of Sandstorm by La Bionda which is an all time favorite (and much better).
I had this one in my Ebay store for ages before someone finally scooped it up.

One of the producers Franco Moiraghi.  He's been involved with a ton of dance records coming out of Milan. 

Lamott Atkins is Paul Sharada Keep that Love Alive

Lamott Atkins is the real name of the italo disco artist who went by the name of Paul Sharada.

Here he looks like a reject from Imagination.

What I don't know is if it's really his voice on these records.  From what I hear it's not a person who was brought up speaking English.  But since I don't really know anything about this artist he could be African and his mother tongue be French for instance.

What I do know is that his first italo disco hit was Florida (Move Your Feet).  This 1984 release was on Fuori di Testa Records Italy.

His next release Dancing All the Night was released later that year on il Discotto.  One of my favorite italo labels.  Right there it makes you wonder who chose that title.  Because in proper English it would be Dancing All Night.

My favorite Paul Sharada record is Keep Your Love Alive from 1985.  To be honest it's the only one I really like.

1986's Boxers was certainly an unusual subject for a record.  He had a couple more after that but I don't know them.