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Friday, March 18, 2016

Amin-Peck was Italo Disco Elite

Refreshed to include more music.

Italo disco, minimal, electronic disco call it what you will but Amin Peck was hot.  Suicidal in 1983 being among their best.  I've also included Coda from their debut e.p. from 1982.

Amin Peck were an italian band leaded by Giorgio Fioroni (aka George Fyron, arrangements, production, vocals) with Leonard Parker (arrangments, keyboards) and Max Marne (production).
They are perfect for the disco vinyl blog.  I want to remember as much of this kind of music as possible  and I hope that my efforts are appreciated by you.

I really like what wikipedia has to say about them so I'm going to cut and paste it directly.


Like most ’80s electronic bands, Amin-Peck walked a fine line between Disco and Minimal Wave throughout the course of the early 1980s, oftentimes incorporating shameless Pop melodies and Avant-garde leanings. Amin Peck were an italian band leaded by Giorgio Fioroni (aka George Fyron, arrangements, production, vocals) with Leonard Parker (arrangments, keyboards) and Max Marne (production). Incredible but true, Amin Peck started as 'hard rock' guitar band in the 70's... You can also find some tracks on YouTube before became one of the best examples of italo disco.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pretty Poison from variation new wave to variation freestyle an Eighties success story

I just added something to the bottom of this older blog post.
Philadelphia based Pretty Poison broke with Catch Me I'm Falling.  But they actually had a string of single releases and ep.'s before that.  NIGHTIME  NIGHTIME DUB  CATCH ME
I love Jade Starling's vocals, their look was very big hair 80's. Here's her MySpace
I'm enclosing a zip which features several versions of Nightime including the totally electrifying dub and the Shep Pettibone Mix and their huge #8 hit from 1987 Catch Me.  And another zip which contains a funky version of Nightime entitled In the Heat of the Night.   The original 12" release made it up to #14 dance in 1984.  Catch Me took it up to #1 and then the re-release with new mixes of Nightime peaked at #13 in 1988.  I didn't really follow their other releases though When I Look into Your Eyes squeaked out a Top 10 dance spot in 1988 too. 

Here are the lyrics to Nightime:

Come, feel the steady rhythm of the nightlife
And hear excitement in the air.
Baby, when the night comes down, 
You know where I can be found, 
Dancing in a midnight fantasy.

In the Nightime
Blame it on the Nightime.
In the Nightime
Baby, that's the right time.

I feel a strange desire in the moonlight
Dreams of another dance in my eyes.
Baby, when the stars shine bright, 
Dance with me all through the night.
Be my lover til the light of day.

In the Nightime, 
Blame it on the Nightime.
In the Nightime yeah, 
Baby, that's the right time.
Right time for me.

Nightime is the right time
Nightlife is for me.
Dancing til the break of day, 
No place I'd rather be.

Nightime is the right time; 
Nightlife is for me.
Dancing til the break of day, 
No place I'd rather be.

In the Nightime, blame it on the Nightime.
In the Nightime, baby, that's the right time.
In the Nightime, blame it on the Nightime.
In the Nightime, yeah, baby, that's the right time.
Right time for me.

Nightime is the right time
Nightlife is for me
Nightime is the right time
Nightlife is for me
Nightlife is for me.
All in all it's a sound I can really appreciate.  Not quite freestyle, not quite electro and not really house either.  It's a unique record and is clearly influenced by many sounds at the same time.  When it was originally released on Svengali in 1983 it went pretty much unnoticed and under the radar.  It took the more commercial sounding Catch Me to give Nightime it's second life.  Here I've enclosed their entire Laced e.p. from 1983.  It's sort of new wave and not quite as straightforward dance as their later releases.  If  you click on the title of this blog you will be directed to my ebay listing for this collectible e.p.  LACED EP
A1Seal It With A Kis3:57
A2Let Freedom Ring6:15
B2Tempest Nightmare5:15
Their first single from 1981 is very rare and very new wave.  It's called Gimme Gimme (your autograph).  It was on the label Poison Pops and was only released as a 7" single.

I'm adding their goth single from 1982 No Tears and it's b side.
And finally their goth single Expiration from 1983.  A real Kennel club Philadelphia classic.


Lama's 1983 italo disco HI NRG classic Love is on the Rocks is a cover version of Lucio Battisti's Il Veliero from 1976.  LAMA FOR YOU LAMA ZIP   SINGLE MIXES

It's a Saint classic and a highly coveted twelve inch.  In my zip I am providing you with the original, the Disconet remix and the Rhythm Stick remix.  For fun I've thrown in a 2008 version that came out on Almighty Records by Belle Lawrence.  They did a pretty good job of updating the sound but still keeping it the same song.
Belle Lawrence has done many covers.  Including Shakira's Wherever, Whenver and The Flirts Passion.
There is also this 2008 remix out there.  I've never heard it.

He was most popular during the seventies when politically conscious music was big in Italy. Hell the commies were about to take over when Aldo Moro was kidnapped and later killed by the "brigada rosso." Not the best move since this Christian Democrat politician was doing a lot to comprise with the Italian Communists, but hey this isn't a political blog now is it?

He died of cancer in 1998 and compilations of his career's work have been selling like hot cakes in Italy and around Europe ever since.

Way of Life The Puppets

Oh 1983 I'm always going on and on about 1983.  Another fabulous dance track from 1983 was The Way of Life by The Puppets.  WAY OF LIFE  It has a delicious mixture of electro, new wave and even italo disco.  In D.C. it got heavy play on OK100 which was an urban station I was partial to at the time.

Though the band was from Long Island their twelve inch single came out on the seminal Canadian dance label Quality.  Shaun Brigton of the new wave band Nervus Rex formed The Puppets and Way of Life hit #3 on the Billboard dance charts.  Though a hit single in Canada the band broke up so they could be dumped into that one hit wonder category.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Night Valerie Dore's signature italo disco single (including the Ben Liebrand remix)

Some refreshed links of my most popular blog since I started writing it years ago.

The Night is my favorite Valerie Dore record.  She had a string of italo disco hits in the mid 80's.   But this is her debut single from 1984.  The download links are interspersed in the body of this blog.


The Valerie Dore project was started with the voice of Dora Carofiglio, the vocalist of Novecento. She sang the hit "The Night". During the years of activity the team included also Monica Stucchi (who sang, with Dora Carofiglio, other hits like "Get Closer" and "It's So Easy"). Simona Zanini wrote the lyrics for the 2nd arc of the project, "The Legend" album and singles taken from it. Marco Tansini and Simona had been working with Merak Music (Monia, Diana Barton, John Ryel) and producer Roberto Gasparini decided to give them the job, which included Simona following Monica's singing and pronunciation, and recording background vocals too.

2 by VAL

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

LOVE SIGN BY GATSBY is very rare, it's italo disco legendary

Currently one of the most collectible Italo Disco titles.   I've never seen it go for less then $500.00. Gatsby is a sweet looking boy too.


A 1984 release on Italy's Dischi Ricordi records.

I'm looking for the love sign. Mine's Gemini baby. My favorite presents include high quality mp3's of rare italo disco gems like this.

Sharing is Caring

I feel like I'm in an emotional dilemma.  As much as I love sharing, and I only share stuff that's like 30 years old and mostly can't even be found on compact disk, I feel like it's a witch hunt.  I keep seeing so many blogs and stuff get taken down.

It's part of the reason why I blog less and less.  It's like I feel as if the more I put effort into this not knowing if one day I'll sign on and it'll be gone, the less I feel drawn to continuing.

Does anyone have a view on this?  Over the years my interaction has been minimal in here.  I know most of you just come to grab anonymously and that's what you do.  Basically I'm cool with that too.  Some like to give, some like to take, some like to do both.  Such is life I guess.

In the meantime check out my stores.  ExpatMichael's Vinyl Shop and my Discogs shop cause I gotta help make ends meet somehow.

Click through on my Facebook fan page and the description about me on the left side of this page.  Stay in touch.  Let me know about you.  Maybe the experience can become just a tad less anonymous for a few of us.

And feel free to give me a little gift.  It's a sign that you care about what I'm doing here.  You can paypal me at and make it a gift.  I'll be so appreciative.

I LIKE CHOPIN by Gazebo Beta (Pier Luigi Giambini) Baby Records italo disco cream of the crop

Remember that pianoSo delightful unusualThat classic sensationSentimental confusion
Used to sayI like ChopinLove me now and again
Chorus :Rainy days never say goodbyeTo desire when we are togetherRainy days growing in your eyesTell me where's my way
Imagine your faceIn a sunshine reflectionA vision of blue skiesForever distractions
Used to sayI like ChopinLove me now and again
Repeat Chorus

Released in 1983, the best year for italo disco, I like chopin was the perfect mix of italo disco and pop.  It hit #1 in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria and was a huge hit in Holland and Japan as well.  Many cover versions became hits around the world.  
Gazebo's Official Website
Baby Records was a quality italo disco label.  You can find many great releases on their roster.  Below I've listed just a few of their many releases.  Below you can see just a portion of their releases.

ClessExtraterrestreally ‎(12")1983
1C 006-46 549María MendiolaI Wanna See The World ‎(7", Single)1982
1 C 006-64 420Ricchi E Poveri*Sarà Perché Ti Amo ‎(7", Single)1981
1C 006-64 579Al Bano E Romina PowerSharazan / Prima Notte D'Amore ‎(7", Single)1981
1C 006-64 618Ricchi E PoveriM 'Innamoro Di Te ‎(7", Single)1981
1C 006-64 705Al Bano E Romina Power*Felicità ‎(7", Single)1982
1 C 006-64 771K.I.D.I Wanna Piece Of The Action ‎(7", Single)1982
1C 006-64 828Ricchi E PoveriMade In Italy ‎(7", Single)1981
1C 006-64 881GazeboMasterpiece ‎(7", Single)1982
1C 006-64 962Ricchi E Poveri*Piccolo Amore ‎(7", Single)1982
1C 006-64 966Jan Willem HempelmannKazoo Kazoo ‎(7", Single)1982
1C 006-65 001Al Bano E Romina PowerTu, Soltanto Tu (Mi Hai Fatto Innamorare) ‎(7", Single)1982
1C 006-65 039Ricchi E Poveri*Mamma Maria ‎(7", Single)1982
1C 006-65 053Al Bano E Romina PowerChe Angelo Sei (Amore Mio) ‎(7", Single)1982
1C 006-65 059PupoCieli Azzurri ‎(7", Single)1983
1C 006-65 069Toto CutugnoL'Italiano ‎(7", Single)1983
1C 006-65 101G. D. OrchestraMonaco Theme / Casanova Theme ‎(7", Single)1983
1C 006-65 151GazeboI Like Chopin ‎(7", Single)1983
1 C 006-94 667Roberta KellyPatty Cake ‎(7", Single)1981
1C 064-64 598PupoLo Devo Solo A Te ‎(LP, Album)1981
1C 064-64 748Al Bano E Romina PowerFelicità ‎(LP, Album)1982
1C 066-64 468Rondò VenezianoRondo' Veneziano (Album) ◄ (2 versions)1980
1C 066-65 002Ricchi E Poveri*Mamma Maria ‎(LP)1982
1C 066-65 003Al Bano E Romina PowerChe Angelo Sei ‎(LP, Album, Gat)1982
1C 066-65 004Rondò VenezianoScaramucce ‎(LP, Album)1982
1C 066-65 072PupoCieli Azzurri ‎(LP, Album)1983
1C226-64 468Rondo Veneziano*Rondo Veneziano ‎(Cass, Album)1980
1C 266-65 003Al Bano E Romina PowerChe Angelo Sei ‎(Cass, Album)1982
1C006-1652217Toto CutugnoUn'Estate Con Te ‎(7", Single)1983
1C 006 1652227Joe YellowLover To Lover ‎(7")1983
1C 006 1653977Ricchi E Poveri*Ciao Italy Ciao Amore ‎(7", Single)1983
1C 006-1654227Natasha KingAM-FM ‎(7")1983
1C 006 1654527GazeboLunatic ‎(7", Single)1983
1C 006 1655557Joe YellowLover To Lover ‎(7", Single)1983
1C 006 2000377Ricchi E Poveri*Voulez Vous Danser ‎(7", Single)1983
1C 006 2000637Toto CutugnoSerenata ‎(7", Single)1984
1C 064 1651931GazeboGazebo ‎(LP, Album)1983
1C 064 1652231Vasco RossiBollicine ‎(LP, Album)1983
1C 066 2400691Ricchi E PoveriVoulez Vous Danser ‎(LP, Album)1983
1C 088 1654511Rondo' Veneziano*Venezia 2000 ‎(LP, Mixed, Album, Comp)1983
1C K052-64 771 ZK.I.D.I Wanna Piece Of The Action ‎(12", Single)1982
1C K 052-65 151 ZGazeboI Like Chopin (Disco Mix) ‎(12", Maxi)1983
1C K 052-16 5422 6Natasha KingAM-FM ‎(12", Maxi)1983
1C K 052 1650326Gary LowYou Are A Danger ‎(12")1982
1C K052 1652226Joe YellowLover To Lover (For Sale) ‎(12", Maxi)1983
1C K052 1654226Natasha KingAM-FM ‎(12", Maxi)1983
1C K052 1654526GazeboLunatic ‎(12", Maxi)1983
2C 052-52.807 ZD.D. Sound1, 2, 3, 4, Gimme Some More / We Like It ‎(12")1978
07HA-1006Den HarrowDon't Break My Heart ドント・ブレイク・マイ・ハート ‎(7", Single, Promo)1987
7 RON 02Rondò VenezianoVenice ‎(7")1984
07SP 790GazeboI Like Chopin ‎(7", Single)1983
07SP 883Gazeboテレフォン・ママ Telephone Mama ‎(7", Single)1984
10C 062-060.706D.D. SoundDisco Delivery / 1-2-3-4 Gimme Some More ‎(LP, Album)1978
12AP3013GazeboTelephone Mama ‎(12", Maxi)1984
12 RON 1Rondò VenezianoLa Serenissima (Theme From Venice In Peril) ‎(12")1983
30AP 2785GazeboGazebo ‎(LP, Album, Mas)1983
35DP 135GazeboGazebo ‎(CD, Album)1984
35 LSM 1102Al Bano*Al Bano ‎(Cass)1982
45.X.14 044Juli E Julie*Una Storia D'Amore ‎(7", Single)1976
50 BR 56055VariousBimbo Mix ‎(Cass, Comp, Mixed)1983
50 BR 56057Ricchi E PoveriVoulez Vous Danser ‎(Cass)1983
50 BR 56061GazeboTelephone Mama ‎(Cass, Album)1984
50 BR 56065VariousMixage ‎(Cass, Comp)1984
50 BR 56070VariousMixage ‎(Cass, Comp, Mixed)1985
50 BR 56082VariousMixage ‎(Cass, Comp)1985
50 BR 56100VariousMixage ‎(Cass)1986
50 BR 56101Rondò VenezianoRapsodia Veneziana ‎(Cass, Album)1986
4517Albert OneTurbo Diesel ‎(7", Single)1984
4531Pink ProjectMedley I (Billie Jean - Jeopardy) ‎(7", Single)1984
8158K.I.D.I Wanna Piece Of The Action ‎(12")1982
8185GazeboMaster Piece ‎(12", Maxi)1982
8192Pink ProjectDisco Project ‎(12", Maxi)1982
8206NighthawkEye Of The Tiger (Thème Du Film Rocky III) (Disco Version) ‎(12", Maxi)1982
8218Key Of DreamsAfrica ‎(12")1982
8254GazeboI Like Chopin (Disco Mix) ‎(12")1983
8266Life, Love and LibertyYoung Boy ‎(12", Maxi)1983
8267Joe YellowLover To Lover ‎(12", Maxi)1983
8275Pink ProjectB-Project ‎(12")1983
8 295Nips, The (2)Sunshine Reggae ‎(12")1983
8.310Pink ProjectHypnotized ‎(12", Maxi)1983
8348GazeboLunatic ‎(12")1983
8358Gilbert MontagnéOn Va S'Aimer ‎(12", Maxi)1983
8393Gilbert MontagnéFous De Musique ‎(12", Maxi)1984
8442GazeboTelephone Mama ‎(12", Maxi)1984
8515Jane HillDizzy Night ‎(12", Maxi)1985
8528Den HarrowFuture Brain ‎(12", Maxi)1985
8.594Gilbert MontagnéAu Soleil - Robinson Crusoe (Maxi) ◄ (2 versions)1985
13.088Key Of DreamsAfrica ‎(7", Single)1982
13.177Ricchi E Poveri*Mamma Maria ‎(7", Single)1982
13.208GazeboI Like Chopin ‎(7", Single)1983
13.239Umberto TozziNell'Aria C'È ‎(7")1983
13.251Pink ProjectB-Project ‎(7")1983
13299NipsSunshine Reggae ‎(7")1983
13342Pink ProjectHypnotized ‎(7", Single)1983
13.370Ricchi E Poveri*Voulez Vous Danser ‎(7", Single)1983
13.424GazeboLunatic ‎(7", Single)1984
13430Toto CutugnoSerenata ‎(7", Single)1984
13431Al Bano E Romina Power*Ci Sara' ‎(7", Single)1984
13 581Dario FarinaSei La Sola Che Amo ‎(7", Single)1984
13922Gilbert MontagnéAu Soleil - Robinson Crusoe ‎(7", Single)1985
14.048Gilbert MontagnéLaissez La Lumière ‎(7", Single)1986
14 673 8Rondo' Veneziano*Misteriosa Venezia ‎(LP, Album, Club)1987
15 672 9Rondo' Veneziano*Poesia Di Venezia ‎(LP, Album, Clu)1988
18 454 9Rondò VenezianoPoesia Di Venezia ‎(CD, Album, Club)1988
26 146 XOTLa BiondaLa Bionda (Album) ◄ (2 versions)1978
0030.334Harry ThumannUnderwater ‎(7", Single)1980
32 155 4GazeboGazebo ‎(LP, Album)1983
36 088-3Rondo' Veneziano*Odissea Veneziana ‎(LP, Album, Son)1985
36 193-1Rondo' Veneziano*Misteriosa Venezia ‎(LP, Album, Son)1987
36 302 8Rondo' Veneziano*Poesia Di Venezia ‎(LP, Album, Son)1988
36 320-0Den HarrowLies ‎(LP, Album, Son)1988
39 860 2Rondo Veneziano*Visioni Di Venezia ‎(CD, Album, Son)1989
39 861-0Den HarrowThe Best Of Den Harrow ‎(CD, Comp, Son)1989
39 960-0Rondo' Veneziano*Concerto Per Mozart ‎(CD, Album, Son)1990
46 291 1Al Bano E Romina PowerChe Angelo Sei ‎(LP, Album, Club)1982
46 314 1Rondò VenezianoNotturno In Gondola ‎(LP, Clu)1981
47 472 6Rondo' Veneziano*Concerto Per Mozart ‎(LP, Album)1991
49935K.I.D.I Wanna Piece Of The Action ‎(7", Single)1982
50.020GazeboMaster Piece ‎(7", Single)1982
50323Dorine HollierTonight...Crazy Night ‎(7")1984
56118Tom HookerBad Reputation ‎(LP, Album)1988
57 833 GTLa BiondaLa Bionda ‎(Cass, Album)1978
60 118Ricchi E Poveri*Sarà Perché Ti Amo ‎(7", Single)1981
60 128Ricchi E Poveri*Made In Italy ‎(7")1982
63 687 8Den HarrowThe Best Of Den Harrow ‎(LP, Comp, Clu)1989
63 830 4Rondò VenezianoVisioni Di Venezia ‎(LP, Album, Clu)1989
65 876 5Rondo Veneziano*Visioni Di Venezia ‎(CD, Album, Clu)1989
66.039GazeboGazebo ‎(LP, Album)1983
66070Pink ProjectSplit ‎(LP)1983
67.874Al Bano E Romina PowerFelicità ‎(LP, Album)1982
67952Rondò VenezianoScaramucce ‎(LP, Album)1982
67 972VariousMixage Compilation ‎(LP)1983
67994Toto CutugnoL'Italiano ‎(LP, Album)1983
70.874Al Bano E Romina PowerFelicità ‎(Cass, Album)1982
71 251 3Rondò VenezianoMagica Melodia ‎(LP, Clu)1991
76 171 8Rondo' Veneziano*Concerto Per Mozart (Club Edition) ‎(CD, Album, Clu)1990
76.304Gilbert MontagnéQuelques Notes De Musique ‎(Cass, Album)1985
80079-2GazeboGreatest Hits ‎(CD, Comp, Unofficial)1991
91554 6Al Bano E Romina PowerFelicità ‎(LP, Album)1982
100.108Rondò VenezianoRondo' Veneziano ‎(7")1981
102 684La BiondaI Wanna Be Your Lover ‎(7")1980
103.273K.I.D.Don't Stop (Single) ◄ (3 versions)1981
106 518Gilbert MontagnéJust For Tonight ‎(7")1984
106 638Albert OneTurbo Diesel ‎(7", Single)1984
106 731Ricchi E PoveriCosa Sei ‎(7", Single)1984
106 732MalComing Home ‎(7", Single)1984
106 907Al Bano E Romina PowerCanzone Blu ‎(7", Single)1984
106 919GazeboTelephone Mama ‎(7", Single)1984
107 172Al Bano E Romina Power*Al Ritmo De Beguine (Ti Amo) ‎(7", Single)1984
107 173GazeboFirst! ‎(7")1984
107 202Gigliola CinquettiChiamalo Amore ‎(7", Single)1985
107 203Peppino Di CapriE Mo E Mo (Te Voglio Bene) ‎(7", Single)1985
107 205Ricchi E Poveri*Se M'Innamoro ‎(7", Single)1985
107 243Stefano PulgaTake Me Higher ‎(7")1984
107 353Albert OneHeart On Fire ‎(7")1985
107 395Jane HillDizzy Night ‎(7")1985
107 396Tibor LevayGipsy Boobie ‎(7", Single)1985
107 469Den HarrowFuture Brain ‎(7", Single)1985
107 630Toto CutugnoMi Piacerebbe...(Andare Al Mare...Al Lunedi...) / Come Mai? ‎(7")1985
107 638Albert OneLady O' (Single) ◄ (2 versions)1985
107 640Tom HookerReal Men ‎(7")1985
107 877Den HarrowBad Boy ‎(7", Single)1986
107917Ricchi E PoveriDimmi Quando ‎(7")1983
108 034Toto CutugnoAzzurra Malinconia ‎(7", Single)1986
108 080Fahrenheit 104Highway To Freedom ‎(7")1986
108 157Den HarrowCharleston ‎(7", Single)1986
108 235Tom HookerLooking For Love ‎(7", Single)1986
108 347Andrea (4)00 Seven ‎(7")1986
108 372Jennifer MundayInvisible ‎(7")1986
108 581Den HarrowCatch The Fox ‎(7", Single)1986
108 798Andrea (4)Macho Man ‎(7")1987
108 816Tom HookerHelp Me ‎(7", Single)1987
108 919Ricchi E PoveriCanzone D'Amore ‎(7")1987
108 920Toto CutugnoFigli ‎(7", Single)1987
108 930GazeboThe Sun Goes Down On Milky Way ‎(7")1987
108 982Den HarrowDon't Break My Heart ‎(7", Single)1987
109 209Den HarrowTell Me Why / Dangerous ‎(7", Single)1987
109 222Tom HookerAtlantis ‎(7")1987
109 278Toto CutugnoMediterraneo / Caspita ‎(7")1987
109 279Ricchi E Poveri*Cocco Bello Africa ‎(7", Single)1987
109 405Den HarrowDay By Day ‎(7")1987
109 429Rondo Veneziano*Misteriosa Venezia ‎(7", Promo, Single)1987
109 745Tom HookerFeeling Okay ‎(7", Single)1988
109 816Roby E Brina*Ok Disco Italia ‎(7", Single)1988
109 817Den HarrowBorn To Love ‎(7", Single)1988
109 864Toto CutugnoEmozioni / Una Domenica Italiana ‎(7", Single)1988
109 865Drupi (2)Era Bella Davvero ‎(7", Single)1988
111 601Tom HookerNo More Heaven ‎(7", Single)1988
111 710Rondò VenezianoPoesia Di Venezia (Single) ◄ (2 versions)1988
111 726Den HarrowYou Have A Way / I Love The Night ‎(7", Single)1988
112 409Den HarrowHoliday Night ‎(7", Single)1989
112 884Den HarrowTake Me Back ‎(7", Single)1989
115 151Rondò VenezianoCasanova / Odissea Veneziana ‎(7", Single)1992
162 409Den HarrowHoliday Night ‎(CD, Mini)1989
200 792La BiondaLa Bionda ‎(LP, Album)1979
203.856K.I.D.Don't Stop ‎(LP, Album)1981
204 177PupoLo Devo Solo A Te ‎(LP, Album, Gat)1981
206 450Rondò VenezianoRondo' Veneziano ‎(LP, Album, RE)1984
206 451Ricchi E Poveri...E Penso A Te ‎(LP, Album)1981
206 453Al Bano E Romina PowerFelicità ‎(LP, Album, RE)1984
206 456Rondo' Veneziano*Scaramucce ‎(LP, Album)1982
206 458Toto CutugnoL'Italiano ‎(LP, Album)1983
206 581GazeboTelephone Mama ‎(LP, Album)1984
206 604Ricchi E PoveriVoulez Vous Danser ‎(LP, Album)1983
206 711Al Bano E Romina PowerEffetto Amore ‎(LP)1984
206 749Al Bano E Romina PowerAmore Mio ‎(LP, Comp)1983
206 796PupoChange Generation ‎(LP, Album)1985
207 078Rondo' Veneziano*Odissea Veneziana (Album) ◄ (3 versions)1985
207 103VariousDance Baby Dance ‎(LP, P/Mixed, Promo)1985
207 416Rondò VenezianoConcerto Futurissimo ‎(LP, Album)1984
207 467Toto CutugnoPer Amore O Per Gioco ‎(LP, Album)1985
207 482Den HarrowOverpower ‎(LP, Album)1986
207 722Andrea (4)Like Humphrey Bogart ‎(LP, MiniAlbum)1986
207 848PupoQuanta Gente ‎(LP, Album)1986
207 866Rondò VenezianoFantasia Veneziana (Album) ◄ (2 versions)1986
208 013GazeboUnivision ‎(LP)1986
208 110Den HarrowDay By Day ‎(LP, Album)1987
208 278Al Bano E Romina PowerRomantica - Die Großen Erfolge ‎(LP, Comp)1987
208 452Toto CutugnoMediterraneo ‎(LP)1987
208 453Ricchi E PoveriPubblicità ‎(LP, Album)1987
208 616Rondo' Veneziano*Misteriosa Venezia ‎(LP, Album)1987
209 231Tom HookerBad Reputation ‎(LP, Album)1988
209 289Rondo' Veneziano*Poesia Di Venezia ‎(LP, Album)1988
209 347Den HarrowLies ‎(LP, Album)1988
210 064Den HarrowThe Best Of Den Harrow ‎(LP, Comp)1989
210 213Rondo Veneziano*Visioni Di Venezia ‎(LP, Album)1989
210 378Rondò VenezianoArmonie ‎(LP, Album)1989
210 794Toto CutugnoToto Cutugno ‎(LP, Album)1990
211 075Rondò VenezianoMusica ... Fantasia ‎(LP, Album)1990
211 362Rondo' Veneziano*Concerto Per Mozart ‎(LP, Album)1990
211 971Rondò VenezianoMagica Melodia ‎(LP, Album)1991
24-0302-1VariousHot And New 3 ‎(LP, Comp)1983
24-0302-4VariousHot And New 3 ‎(Cass, Comp)1983
256 453Al Bano e Romina PowerFelicità ‎(CD, Album)
257 624Ricchi E PoveriDimmi Quando ‎(CD, Album)1986
257 866Rondò VenezianoFantasia Veneziana ‎(CD, Album)1986
258 110Den HarrowDay By Day ‎(CD, Album)1987
258 278Al Bano E Romina PowerRomantica - Die Großen Erfolge ‎(CD, Comp)1987
258 453Ricchi E PoveriPubblicità ‎(CD, Album)1987
258 616Rondo' Veneziano*Misteriosa Venezia ‎(CD, Album)1987
259 231Tom HookerBad Reputation ‎(CD, Album)1988
259 289Rondò VenezianoPoesia Di Venezia ‎(CD, Album)1988
259 347Den HarrowLies ‎(CD, Album)1988
259 490Rondo' Veneziano*Poesia Di Venezia ‎(CD, Album, Promo)1988
259 833Den HarrowOverpower ‎(CD, Album, RE)1989
260 064Den HarrowThe Best Of Den Harrow ‎(CD, Comp)1989
260 072Den HarrowThe Best Of Den Harrow ‎(CD, Comp, Promo)1989
260 153Al Bano E Romina PowerSuper 20 ‎(CD, Comp)1989
260 154Ricchi E PoveriSuper 20 ‎(CD, Comp)1989
260 213Rondo Veneziano*Visioni Di Venezia ‎(CD, Album)1989
260 378Rondò VenezianoArmonie ‎(CD, Album)1989
261 075Rondò VenezianoMusica ... Fantasia ‎(CD, Album)1990
261 362Rondo' Veneziano*Concerto Per Mozart ‎(CD, Album)1990
261 971Rondò VenezianoMagica Melodia ‎(CD, Album)1991
275001La BiondaLa Bionda ‎(LP, Album)1978
275005La BiondaHigh Energy ‎(LP, Album)1981
290001-7She (5)Second Hand News ‎(7")1992
297 097Al Bano E Romina PowerFelicità ‎(CD, Comp)1988
304 368VariousLa "Dolce Vita" - Italian Dance Songs - Dance Hits From Italy ‎(2x12", Comp, Mixed)1991
308205Gary LowYou Are A Danger ‎(12")1982
354 362Crazy Banana Gang, TheZa Za Zabadak ‎(2xCD, Comp, P/Mixed)1991
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407 078Rondò VenezianoOdissea Veneziana ‎(Cass, Album)1991
407 482Den HarrowOverpower ‎(Cass, Album)1986
407 866Rondò VenezianoFantasia Veneziana ‎(Cass, Album)1986
408 616Rondo' Veneziano*Misteriosa Venezia ‎(Cass, Album)1987
409 289Rondo' Veneziano*Poesia Di Venezia ‎(Cass, Album)1988
410 064Den HarrowThe Best Of Den Harrow ‎(Cass, Comp)1989
45-1771La BiondaOne For You, One For Me ‎(7", Single)1978
45-1828La BiondaBandido / There Is No Other Way ‎(7", Single)1979
45-1829D.D. Sound Disco Delivery*She's Not A Disco Lady / Café (Short Version) ‎(7", Single)1978
463141Rondò VenezianoNotturno In Gondola ‎(LP)1981
511 029-2VariousLa "Dolce Vita" N° 01 ‎(2xCD, Comp, Mixed)1991
511 456-1Rondo' Veneziano*Mystère ‎(LP)1991
511 456-2Rondo' Veneziano*Mystère ‎(CD, Album)1991
511 846-2VariousLa "Dolce Vita" N° 02 ‎(2xCD, Comp, Mixed)1991
517 271-2Rondò VenezianoPrestige ‎(CD, Album)1992
517 277-2Elastic BandGet It Out ‎(CD, Album)1992
517 779-2NovecentoNecessary ‎(CD, Album)1992
590 011-1Rondò VenezianoRondò Veneziano ‎(LP, Album)1980
590 027-2Rondo' Veneziano*La Serenissima ‎(CD, Album)
590 044-1Rondò VenezianoScaramucce ‎(LP, Album)1982
590 044-2Rondò VenezianoScaramucce ‎(CD, Album)
590 081-2Rondò VenezianoCasanova ‎(CD, Album)1985
590 101-2Rondo´ Veneziano*Rapsodia Veneziana ‎(CD, Album)1986
590 115-2Rondò VenezianoArabesque ‎(CD, Album)1987
590 119-2Rondò VenezianoConcerto ‎(CD, Album)1988
590 122-2Rondò VenezianoMasquerade ‎(CD, Album)1989
590 125-1Rondò VenezianoBarocco ‎(LP)1990
590 125-2Rondò VenezianoBarocco ‎(CD, Album)1990
590 133-4VariousLa "Dolce Vita" Les Chansons Dance Italiennes ‎(Cass, Comp)1991
590 134-2VariousLa "Dolce Vita" N°2 Les Chansons Dance Italiennes ‎(2xCD, Comp, Mixed)1991
590 139-2Tom HookerFighting For Our Love ‎(CD, Album)1992
590 145-2Elastic BandGet It Out ‎(CD, Album)1992
590146-2Rondò VenezianoRondo 2000 (The Best Of Rondo Veneziano) ‎(CD, Comp)1992
590 152-2DSKDo Ya ‎(CD, Album)1992
590 154-2D.D. SoundThe Best Of D.D.Sound ‎(CD, Comp)1992
590 212-2PupoDomenica Insieme ‎(CD, Comp)1989
600.263Harry ThumannUnderwater (Part 1 & 2) (Single) ◄ (2 versions)1979
600.385K.I.D.Don't Stop ‎(12", Single)1981
601 303Albert OneTurbo Diesel ‎(12", Maxi)1984
601 382Albert OneTurbo Diesel ‎(12", Maxi)1984
601 458Ricchi E PoveriCosa Sei / Hasta La Vista ‎(12", Maxi)1984
601 472Jean Pierre Posit*Santa Monica ‎(12", Maxi)1984
601 558GazeboTelephone Mama ‎(12", Maxi)1984
601 696Albert OneHeart On Fire ‎(12", Maxi)1985
601 698Jane HillDizzy Night ‎(12")1985
601 801Tibor LevayGipsy Boobie ‎(12", Maxi)1985
601 812Den HarrowFuture Brain ‎(12", Maxi)1985
601 849Toto CutugnoMi Piacerebbe... (Andare Al Mare Di Lunedì...) ‎(12", Maxi, Promo)1985
601 936Albert OneLady O' ‎(12", Maxi)1985
601 937Bill GoinsLone Rider ‎(12", Maxi)1985
601 938Tom HookerReal Men ‎(12")1985
602 091Dato ShakeLet Me Be Your N. 1 ‎(12", Maxi)1985
602 141Den HarrowBad Boy ‎(12", Maxi)1986
602 149Andrea (4)I'm A Lover ‎(12", Maxi)1986
608 025Den HarrowCharleston / Bad Boy (Remix) ‎(12", Maxi, Promo)1986
608 027Den HarrowOverpower / Bad Boy (Remix) ‎(12", Maxi)1986
608 080Fahrenheit 104Highway To Freedom ‎(12", Maxi)1986
608 157Den HarrowCharleston ‎(12", Maxi)1986
608 235Tom HookerLooking For Love ‎(12", Maxi)1986
608 347Andrea (4)00 Seven ‎(12")1986
608 581Den HarrowCatch The Fox (Caccia Alla Volpe) ‎(12", Maxi)1986
608 582GazeboTrotsky Burger (Maxi) ◄ (2 versions)1986
608 646Cube (2)Love's Taboo ‎(12", Maxi)1986
608 798Andrea (4)Macho Man ‎(12", Maxi)1987
608 982Den HarrowDon't Break My Heart ‎(12", Maxi)1987
609 209Den HarrowTell Me Why ‎(12", Maxi)1987
609 222Tom HookerAtlantis ‎(12", Maxi)1987
609 405Den HarrowDay By Day (Remix) ‎(12", Maxi)1987
609 745Tom HookerFeeling Okay ‎(12", Maxi)1988
609 816Roby E BrinaOk Disco Italia ‎(12", Maxi)1988
610 192Rondò VenezianoRondo' Veneziano (Album) ◄ (2 versions)1984
610 193Rondò VenezianoScaramucce ‎(CD, Album, RE)
610 210VariousItalo Super Hits ‎(CD, Comp)1984
610 236GazeboTelephone Mama ‎(CD, Album)1984
610 291Al Bano E Romina PowerEffetto Amore ‎(CD, Album)1984
610 296GazeboI Like Chopin (Album) ◄ (4 versions)1984
610 297Al Bano E; Romina PowerAmore Mio - Die Grossen Erfolge ‎(CD, Comp)1984
610 298Ricchi E PoveriMade In Italy ‎(CD, Comp)1984
610 299Rondo' Veneziano*Venezia 2000 ‎(CD, Album, Comp)1984
610 529Rondo' Veneziano*Odissea Veneziana ‎(CD, Album)1985
610 535Rondò VenezianoConcerto Futurissimo ‎(CD, Album)1985
610 585Den HarrowOverpower ‎(CD, Album)1986
6.11148Pink ProjectDomino ‎(LP)1983
6.11167GazeboGazebo (Album) ◄ (2 versions)1983
6.11304GazeboTelephone Mama ‎(LP, Album)1984
611 601Tom HookerNo More Heaven ‎(12", Maxi)1988
611 726Den HarrowYou Have A Way ‎(12")1988
612 409Den HarrowHoliday Night ‎(12", Maxi)1989
612 884Den HarrowTake Me Back ‎(12", Maxi)1989
6 12903D.D. SoundThe Hootchie Cootchie ‎(7")1980
6.13 628Pink ProjectDisco Project ‎(7", Single)1982
6.13744Jay Duck And J. D. RevolutionJay Duck's Theme ‎(7", Single, Single)1983
6.14095 ACLife, Love and; LibertyYoung Boy ‎(7", Single)1984
614 613T.H.* And Funk Guitar, TheSex-O-Phone and Funk Guitar ‎(12", Maxi)1991
6.20174Jay Duck And J. D. RevolutionJay Duck's Theme (Long Version) ‎(12", Single)1983
6.20 314Life, Love and LibertyYoung Boy ‎(12", Maxi)1983
661 726Den HarrowYou Have A Way ‎(CD, Maxi)1988
662 409Den HarrowHoliday Night ‎(CD, Maxi)1989
662 884Den HarrowTake Me Back ‎(CD, Maxi)1989
664 613T.H.* And Funk Guitar, TheSex-O-Phone and Funk Guitar ‎(CD, Maxi)1991
006-64 691Bata IllicMalinconia ‎(7", Single)1982
690 003-2Elaine Matha Jones*More Of Your Love ‎(CD, Maxi)1992
690 004-2Elastic BandEverybody's Talkin' ‎(CD, Maxi)1992
690 005-2NovecentoDay And Night ‎(CD, Maxi)1992
818795-1GazeboLunatic ‎(12", Maxi)1983
819 519-1VariousMixage ‎(12")1985
819 618-1VariousMixage ‎(LP, Comp)1986
824253-1Al Bano E Romina PowerEffetto Amore ‎(LP, Album)1984
827 406-1Rondo' Veneziano*La Serenissima ‎(LP, Album)1982
827 406-2Rondo' Veneziano*La Serenissima ‎(CD, Album)
827 407-1Rondò VenezianoVenise De L'An 2000 ‎(LP, Comp, RE)1985
827 669-1Rondo' Veneziano*L'Odyssée De Venise ‎(LP)1984
827 669-2Rondo' Veneziano*L'Odyssée De Venise ‎(CD, Ste)1984
827 863-1Den HarrowOverpower ‎(LP, Album)1986
829 210-1Andrea (4)Like Humphrey Bogart ‎(LP)1986
829 952-2Rondò VenezianoCasanova ‎(CD, Album)1985
831 709-1Den HarrowCatch The Fox - The Best Of Den Harrow ‎(LP, Comp)1987
831 955-1Gilbert MontagnéVivre En Couleurs ‎(LP, Album)1987
833 711-1Rondò VenezianoRapsodia Veneziana ‎(LP)1986
835 148 2Rondo' Veneziano*Rondo' Veneziano ‎(CD, Album)1985
835 295-1SabrinaSabrina ‎(LP, Album)1987
835 295-2SabrinaSabrina ‎(CD, Album)1987
837 083-2Den HarrowBorn To Love ‎(CD, Album)1988
837 478-1Rondò VenezianoArabesque ‎(LP, Album)1987
841 419-1Rondò VenezianoConcerto ‎(LP, Album)1988
861 383-1883Hanno Ucciso L'Uomo Ragno (Remix) ‎(12")1992
861 435-2Elastic BandIf You Leave Me Now ‎(CD, Maxi)1992
863 604-2Elastic BandEverybody's Talkin' ‎(CD, Single)1992
863 705-1NovecentoDay And Night ‎(12")1992
865 869-1Dea (4)GameBoy ‎(12")1992
865 869-2DEA*Gameboy ‎(CD, Maxi)1992
871 725-1Francesco SalviC'è Da Spostare Una Macchina ‎(12", Maxi)1988
877 289-1MagoriaMutoid Waste ‎(12")1990
883 286-1AlbaOnly Music Survives (Maxi) ◄ (2 versions)1985
883 286-7AlbaOnly Music Survives (Single) ◄ (2 versions)1985
883 526-1Andrea (4)I'm A Lover (Maxi, EP) ◄ (2 versions)1985
883 633-1Dato ShakeLet Me Be Your N. 1 ‎(12", Maxi)1985
883 650-1Den HarrowBad Boy ‎(12", Maxi)1985
883 650-7Den HarrowBad Boy ‎(7", Single)1985
883 816-1Style (4)Telephone / Give Me A Night To Remember ‎(12", Maxi)1986
883 816-7Style (4)Telephone / Give Me A Night To Remember ‎(7", Single)1986
883 817-1DissidentenFata Morgana / Casablanca ‎(12", Promo)1985
883 893-1Andrea (4)Casablanca (Like Humphrey Bogart) ‎(12", Maxi)1986
883 922-1Peppino Di CapriE Mo E Mo (Te Voglio Bene) ‎(12", Maxi)1986
883 985-1Fahrenheit 104Highway To Freedom ‎(12", Maxi)1986
883 985-7Fahrenheit 104Highway To Freedom ‎(7", Single)1986
885 090-7Den HarrowCharleston ‎(7", Single)1986
885 091-1Den HarrowCharleston ‎(12", Maxi)1986
885 098-1Tom HookerLooking For Love ‎(12", Maxi)1986
885 098-7Tom HookerLooking For Love ‎(7")1986
885 161-7Paul LekakisBoom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room) ‎(7")1986
885 235-1DatabookZighidizazazero (Maxi) ◄ (2 versions)1986
885 417-1Den HarrowCatch The Fox ‎(12", Maxi)1986
885 417-7Den HarrowCatch The Fox ‎(7", Single)1986
885 451-1Cube (2)Love's Taboo ‎(12", Maxi)1986
885 453-7Jennifer MundayInvisible ‎(7")1986
885 489-1Andrea (4)Macho Man ‎(12", Maxi)1987
885 489-7Andrea (4)Macho Man ‎(7", Single)1987
885 534-1TorrevadoGive Me Your Heart Tonight / The Touch Of Life ‎(12")1986
885 564-1Tom HookerHelp Me ‎(12", Maxi)1986
885 564-7Tom HookerHelp Me ‎(7", Single)1986
885 747-1Gilbert MontagnéJe Veux Tout ‎(12", Promo)1987
885 747-7Gilbert MontagnéJe Veux Tout ‎(7", Single)1987
885 759-1Den HarrowDon't Break My Heart ‎(12", Maxi)1987
885 759-7Den HarrowDon't Break My Heart ‎(7")1987
885 829-7Jimmy BonoHappy Days ‎(7")1987
887 141-1SabrinaBoys (Summertime Love) ‎(12", Maxi)1987
887 141-7SabrinaBoys (Single) ◄ (2 versions)1987
887 401-1SabrinaHot Girl ‎(12", Maxi)1987
887 401-7SabrinaHot Girl ‎(7")1987
887 439-1Peter ManEntre Toi Et L'Univers ‎(12", Maxi, Promo)1988
887 698-1Den HarrowBorn To Love ‎(12", Maxi)1988
887 698-7Den HarrowBorn To Love (Single) ◄ (2 versions)1988
887 723-1Eddy HuntingtonMay Day ‎(12", Maxi)1988
887 732-1SabrinaVoulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi ? (Lady Marmalade) ‎(12", Maxi)1987
887 732-7SabrinaVoulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi ? (Lady Marmalade) ‎(7", Single)1987
2040 223PieroKriminal Tango ‎(7", Single)1979
207866 (5F)Rondò VenezianoFantasia Veneziana ‎(LP, Album)1991
2097 231La BiondaOne For You, One For Me (Single) ◄ (2 versions)1978
40-25627GazeboGazebo ‎(Cass, Album)1983
40-25820Pink ProjectSplit ‎(Cass, Album)1983
610529 (9A)Rondo' Veneziano*Odissea Veneciana ‎(CD, Album)1991
6198 159El PasadorAmada Mia, Amore Mio ‎(7", Single)1977
6198 231D.D. SoundShopping Baby / Burning Love ‎(7", Single)1977
6198 379Gepy and GepyBody To Body / Oh Darling Stay With Me ‎(7")1979
6325 900I Santo CaliforniaTorneró ‎(LP)1975
6331 156La BiondaHigh Energy ‎(LP, Album)1980
7844 145-2Gilbert MontagnéLiberté ‎(CD, Album, RE)1999
107 320-100Al Bano E Romina PowerMagic Oh Magic ‎(7", Single)1985
107 639-100Bill GoinsLone Rider ‎(7")1985
108 774-000Rondò VenezianoPerle D'Oriente / La Guidecca ‎(7", Single, Promo)1986
206 454-652Ricchi E Poveri*Mamma Maria ‎(LP)1982
206 751-620Ricchi E PoveriMade In Italy ‎(LP, Comp)1983
206 752-620Rondò VenezianoVenezia 2000 ‎(LP, Mixed, Album, Comp)1983
207 660-630Toto CutugnoPer Amore O Per Gioco ‎(LP, Album)1986
207 866-502Rondò VenezianoFantasia Veneziana ‎(LP, Album)1986
259 827-217Toto CutugnoPer Amore O Per Gioco ‎(CD, Album)1989
406 711-652Al Bano E Romina PowerEffetto Amore ‎(Cass, Album)1984
407 416-652Rondò VenezianoConcerto Futurissimo ‎(Cass, Album)
74321 11366 2Elastic BandEverybody's Talkin' ‎(CD, Maxi)1992
74321 11706 1NovecentoDay And Night ‎(12")1992
74321 11706 2NovecentoDay And Night ‎(CD, Maxi)1992
74321 12243 2Elastic BandGet It Out! ‎(CD, Album)1992
74321113631Elaine Matha Jones*More Of Your Love ‎(12")1992
74321120841Rondo' Veneziano*Poesia Di Venezia ‎(LP, Album)1992
74321122711Rondo' Veneziano*Scaramucce ‎(LP, Album)1992
74321120841 (5F)Rondo' Veneziano*Poesia Di Venezia ‎(LP, Album)1992
74321 122731 (5F)Rondò VenezianoConcerto Futurissimo ‎(LP, Album)1992
AF-2501Steven Schlaks*Dream With Steven Schlaks ‎(LP, Album)1976
BAB 03-2La BiondaI Wanna Be Your Lover (Single) ◄ (2 versions)1980
BAB 03-3Pino Presti and; The Hathaway BandMoney (That's What I Want) / Gimme Your Love ‎(7")1980
BAB 11-1Bizzy and Co.Avientate (Take A Chance) ‎(12")1983
BAB 11-2GazeboI Like Chopin (Disco Mix) ‎(12")1983
BAB 11-4Pink ProjectB.Project ‎(12", Maxi)1983
BAB 11-5Jay Duck And J. D. RevolutionJay Duck's Theme ‎(12", Maxi)1983
BAB 11-6B.W.H.Livin' Up / Stop ‎(12", Maxi)1983
BAB 11-8B.B. And Band*Hold Me Tight ‎(12", Promo)1983
BAB 11-9Pink ProjectHypnotized ‎(12")1983
BAB 13-1La BiondaI Wanna Be Your Lover ‎(LP, Album)1980
BAB 13-3Daniele PaceVitamina C ‎(LP)1979
BAB 03-14La BiondaBoxes ‎(7")1981
BAB 03-18K.I.D.I Wanna Piece Of The Action ‎(7", Single)1982
BAB 03-19Klein and M.B.O.Dirty Talk ‎(7", Promo)1982
BAB 03-23GazeboI Like Chopin ‎(7", Single)1983
BAB 11-10Albert OneTurbo Diesel ‎(12", Maxi)1984
BAB 13-13Pink ProjectSplit ‎(LP)1983
BABL 033Key Of Dreams / New, The*Africa / Synthajoy ‎(12")1982
BABY 1GazeboMasterpiece ‎(7")1982
Baby 2Pink ProjectDisco Project ‎(7")1982
Baby 3Key Of Dreams / New, The*Africa / Synthajoy ‎(7")1982
BABY 4GazeboI Like Chopin ‎(7", Single)1983
BABY 5Gary LowYou Are A Danger ‎(7", Single)1982
BABY 112GazeboMaster Piece ‎(12")1982
BABY 212Pink ProjectDisco Project ‎(12")1982
BABY 312Key Of Dreams / New, The*Africa / Synthajoy ‎(12")1982
BABY 412GazeboI Like Chopin ‎(12")1983
BABY 512Gary LowYou Are A Danger ‎(12")1982
BACD 3949VariousSuper Man, He's A Macho ‎(7", EP)1979