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Thursday, October 12, 2017

I hear Talk and I'm lovin' it Bucks Fizz morning music classic

Refreshed links from a 2013 blog.  All the Bucks Fizz you could possibly want.

Bucks Fizz was formed in the U.K. to win the Eurovision contest. That's exactly what they did in the 1981 contest in Dublin with Making Your Mind Up which went on to become a huge pop hit everywhere but the United States. Apparently their gimmick was they were two blond couples, not too Abba!  Their campy performance at the contest included a section midway through where the guys ripped off the girls skirts.

They went on to have three #1 singles in the U.K. and to sell over 15 million records.  Their single Land of Make Believe was so huge it actually pushed Human League's Don't You Want Me out of the #1 position in the U.K.   It's widely considered to be their best release.

They had a few other hits, but the one which really sent me over the rainbow was I Hear Talk from their fourth l.p. It was huge in clubs like The Saint and out on Fire Island which is where I first heard it. In fact on the 12" sleeve it looks like they are sitting in the area just behind the beach and forest between Cherry Grove and The Pines. But it's highly unlikely that they are.

Since again I Hear Talk made no murmurs on the pop charts in the states it's not like I could have heard it on Top 40 radio. Nor was it one of their bigger international singles.  But in December 1984 when it was released soon enough it made it's way around.  But who judges validity by pop success?

Unfortunately the group got into an accident in their tour bus coming back from a show in Newcastle and so they were not available to give promotion for the release.  So it only peaked at #34 in the U.K. and #29 in Ireland even though it was a perfect pop record and could have gone much farther.

What a brilliant idea anyway a song about gossip. Whoever Pete Sinfield or Andy Filed is my hats off to to them for writing a camp classic.

I hear talk is deeply cheerful and chirpy so if you don't feel like being happy don't bother to download.  But if you're like me then this song sends you reeling with joy!

It’s never been easy living with you
Dish of the season fishing for truth
But we got it rolling right on the track
Here’s to the future with no turning back
We’re taking half and half in mystery
We’re making love to love so easily
And still I can’t believe what’s going round
I don’t believe you’d ever let me down

I hear talk, I hear the writings on the wall

Too many private eyes and party lines
Secret signs friends who seem to know it all
I hear talk, I hear talk


I look in your eyes and what do I see
Everything I needed looking at me
Beyond all suspicion dreams on the side
Hold that position ticket to ride
So when it’s all wrapped up 
Like it’s meant to be
The only trap that’s left is jealousy
And still I can’t believe what’s going round
I don’t believe you’d ever let me down

I hear talk, I hear the writings on the wall

Too many private eyes and party lines
Secret signs friends who seem to know it all
I hear talk, I hear talk

Chinese whispers circulate

There’s a news man leaning on the garden gate
If you don’t wanna headline better use your head
‘Cause I heard someone say something you said

I hear talk, I hear the writings on the wall

Too many private eyes and party lines
Secret signs friends who seem to know it all
I hear talk, I hear talk

Talk talk talk

New Beginning, which was not one of their hit singles, is really quite fantastic too but I was just not up to writing an entire Bucks Fizz discography but here's the Mamba Seyra extended version. Check out the choral work. It's rather over the top.  This use of world music vocals was also essential to the Hazel Dean classic They Say it's Gonna Rain.

When We Were Young

Crying softly on to a clean white pillow
Watch the clock as it slowly crawls around
Rolls around
Is she sleeping? no
Is she dreaming?
Time, it passes without that familiar touch
Familiar touch

Love has gone, tears are here, nothing left
Life has changed, remember when we were young

Were young
When we were young
When we were young
When we were young

She pours a coffee and looks in the mirror
Suddenly she's glad he can't see her face
Can't see her face
Youth, it passes while age is collected
Disappears from behind the wires without trace
Without trace

Love has gone, tears are here, nothing left
Life has changed, remember when we were young

Were young
When we were young
When we were young
When we were young

Love has gone, tears are here
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing
Life has changed, remember when we were young

Were young
When we were young
When we were young
When we were young...

Another of their big pop hits, this one from 1983.

In 2010 a jazzy reworking of I hear Talk was released.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Obscure italian Disco from 1978...Punky Monkey Sound

A 1978 disco maxi single release called Punky Monkey Sound is my latest obscure treasure for your listening pleasure.

It appears that Augusto Martinelli is well known in Italy.  I've lived here 20 years and I've never heard of him but at least the top picture seems to be from a t.v. show.

The guy doing the vocals Big Pierre is from Asti, you know of Asti Spumante fame.  He on the other hand is an obscure figure.

Punky Monkey Sound

I burned this record myself from my own collection.  About 10 years ago I had a neighbor who had a set-up capable of burning vinyl.  Last I remember they were taking him away on a stretcher.  He was an eccentric one indeed!

Monday, September 25, 2017

STOP and LIVIN' IT UP not your ordinary italo disco tunes...HOLY GRAIL

As I've been writing this blog for almost 10 years now occasionally I go back and re-fresh old links that don't work anymore.  Below are new ones for one of the best double sided Italo classics of all time.9
B.W.H. was an alias for Stefano Zito and Carlo Favili.

Stop and Livin' it Up by B.W.H. were released on House of Music Italy in 1983 and are truly the top of the genre.  Makes me wanna dance!  Another rare thing about this special record is that it is a double A side.  If you've already downloaded this from me before, you're gonna want this new zip trust me.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

STEFANO PULGA was one of the masterminds behind Gaucho's Dance Forever

refreshed links

This song makes me think of the Caribbean or at least people on a limbo line.  It's got an infectious happy time feeling that borders on hokey.  
But since italo disco puts a smile on my face this one never fails to please.
Gaucho Zip
The b side version of Dance Forever called the DJ version is a bit more of a serious groove.  If Side A is too hokey for you then Side B should satisfy.
Gaucho is yet another Italo Disco project featuring Bruno BergonziLuciano Ninzatti, and Stefano Pulga who have quite a prolific output in the genre.  I think Stefano Pulga's Love Taker had more then a few spins at The Saint.  

FACES and FEEL THE FIRE and especially EYES by CLIO

 Moved up to the front again after three years on the blog.

Maria Chiara Perugini is Clio.  Guess where she's from?

Clio was a tasty italo disco double A side released in 1985 on Crash records.  Superior production, great synths and pleasant vocals.   GET YOURSELF SOME CLIO

Her debut single Eyes from the year before is even better.  It directly bites my pretty much all time favorite italo disco song Come on Closer by Pineapples AND if that wasn't enough she seems to have a chorus in a made up language.  I CAN SEE YOUR EYES

If that wasn't enough here we have a zip of Clone's re-release of Eyes along with a French Version and a newer edit....only one word necessary...HAWT!!! CLONE THOSE EYES

I guess I didn't realize there were samples in 1984.  Here's my Pineapples zip listen for yourself.  I LOVE PINEAPPLES For more info. on this gem just go to search above as I've blogged Come on Closer before.

Dario Dell'Aere, Fockewulf 190, Italo Disco Rarities, EAGLES IN THE NIGHT, FRED VENTURA SINGLES

refreshed links

eagles in the night
Body Heat
Fockewulf 190 using the voice of Fred Ventura came out with Eagles in the Night by Dario Dell'Aere in 1985 on Market Records Italy. It is now one of the most coveted Italo Disco 12" in existence and in my opinion one of the very best. It is the epitome of Italo Disco kitsch. The male vocals are completely off and he seems to yell "oh wacky co-co" and then after when she sings "oh I will become an eagle that flies only in the night" and he comes back "Uh ho Uh ho." It is simply classic nonsensical Italo at it's best. Why would someone want to become an eagle that flies only in the night anyway?

I was trying to put my finger on what makes the sound of the music so unusual and then it dawned on me it sounds as if in the background they are playing a children's xylophone. Yet the synth work is top notch.

Frank Tavaglione with the ultra rare 12" Tumidanda is also Fockewulf 190. Aliases in Italo Disco seem more common then they would be in a spy movie! Body Heat was their release from 1984 on Market Records. Ironically they wrote on the sleeve of the 12" that Dario Dell'Aere did the vocals but it was actually Fred Ventura (Federico Di Bonaventura).

The 12" cover art work by Tiziana Dell'Aere for Eagles in the Night is quite interesting too and probably ups the value as quite a few collectors I've come in contact with are quite partial to picture sleeves. Especially those who collect Italo Disco.

My love for Italo Disco came quite late in life. Because at the time going out in Rome in the 80's that's the music I heard in clubs and most nights it didn't seem quite so remarkable to me. But now considering how coveted and rare many of these tracks have become and then reading about how many of them had a strong influence on early house music and were staples on the legendary WBMX of Chicago, I realize that I really was quite fond of them after all. It's just that here in Italy in many cases they were simply Top 40 radio fodder so they seemed quite common.

But in the past decade I've become a rabid collector of Italo mp3's.  I guess because I've already accumulated so many of the disco and morning music ones that I wanted to get. Also due to the fact that for several years Italo disco labels like il discotto, Memory, Time, Market, Baby and others were quite prolific it would be almost impossible to know the majority of the releases. Many fell by the wayside during that period and many others were licensed by ZYX records in Germany and those got promoted heavily even though in many cases they were not the best ones.

Moonlight Affair

Rainer C. Herzmann is Cliff Turner.  He recorded 3 euro/italo disco tracks for ZYX in 1986 and 1987.

Moonlight Affair is a favorite of the genre.  I love playing it over and over.  It's so cheerful.


K.B. Caps Do you really need me?

Freshened Links
do you really need me
K.B. Caps is the alias for Cay Hume.  His first maxi single on XYZ records was released in 1986.  Do you really need me? is definitely considered an italo disco classic.  The zip below contains many versions including remixes and a more current take on the gem.  For a German record it certainly captures the spirit of italo disco.

1986 was pretty late in the italo disco era.  In fact there were less and less releases by then.  Germany's ZYX came to the rescue and kept the genre going with this record.


I'm gonna bring back this old post from 2010 and again from 2013 for those of you who didn't get a chance to download this masterpiece.

Gigi Vavassori, Salvatore Pileggi, Sergio Bonzanni are Sensitive. They created some of the most mysterious, melodic, synthesized, sheer Italo Disco magic of all time. I really can't be more enthusiastic about these tracks as they are for me the pinnacle of a genre I hold so dear.

I've only heard of two singles. The 1984 12" release on Gong Records Italy "Driving" and it's 1985 follow-up double A side follow-up on Sensation records Italy "Give Me" and "Don't Stop". At the risk of sounding banal I'm just going to let the music speak for itself.
a Sensitive zip
I sold a copy of Driving for a friend of mine who happened to have two. It stopped just sort of $600.00 in Ebay. I've actually seen copies go for near a grand. Imagine if someone had a sixth sense about this record and bought a hundred copies and kept them sealed in a box somewhere just waiting to unleash them!

In 2009 a previously unreleased version was released.  When I figure out which external HD I put it on I''ll refresh the link.

Phyllis Nelson the 2 hit wonder

refreshed with a new link
Phyllis Nelson is definitely one of those coulda been artists.  Coulda but didn't except when gold struck twice.

In 1980 her debut single Don't Stop the Train was a hit at the seminal gay disco The Saint. Peaking at #20 on the U.S. dance chart  But it didn't get any pop traction.

Then out of nowhere in early 1985 her ballad Move Closer tore up the charts in Europe hitting #1 in the U.K. Though a wonderful record it saw no play in the states.

I love her gap tooth, Madonna and I have them too.

The France based singer then rocked it in the states.  Her single I Like You became one of the definitive classics of the Hi NRG disco sound.  Taking it all the way to #1 on the U.S. dance charts and getting some R&B traction too.  What a tune!  This 20 year old used to lose his mind to this record.  Shep Pettibone provided a fantastic mix and boy can I remember the joy I used to have dancing to this record.  What a positive message too.  

And then once again she faded into obscurity.  In 1988 at the age of 47 she succumbed to breast cancer in L.A. where she had been living.

Phyllis I liked you.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Tittle Tattle

Francesco BoccuzziGiovanni BoccuzziPiero ManginiTonio Napoletano were Barricentro.  Their 1983 italo disco beauty Tittle Tattle was one of the most influential records of the entire italo disco era.

It was a staple at WBMX in Chicago and was highly influential to the people who a few years later would be composing the first house records.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ken Laszlo (Gianni Laszlo Coraini)

In 1984 Ken Laszlo burst upon the italo disco scene with the genius Hey Hey Guy.  One of the catchiest italo disco songs ever.  The introduction alone is legendary, so camp.

Ken also recorded under several aliases including Ric Fellini, Jaco (with the classic Spanish Run) and  Artwork.  Almost all of his output was on the seminal Italian italo disco label Memory.

The Follow-up to Hey Hey Guy came out the next  year in 1985 and it was nearly as infectious.  Another italo disco masterpiece. 

The 1986 release Don't Cry didn't slow down his impact on the dance floor.  But in my humble opinion it was not up to par to his first two singles.

1987 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 was fun and featured a campy video.

Everybody is Dancing in 1989 was pure Euro Disco.  By then production of Italo Disco was on the wane as there was also house music to contend with.  It was also back to a good groove and I find it to be one of his better records.