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Thursday, July 27, 2017


Here's another one I'm bringing back.  I originally wrote it in 2010.  I've refreshed the zip.  Enjoy!

Dutch men with Big hair, melancholy lyrics, falsetto's, 80's style, on paper it seems like the makings for schlock.  But to me it's morning music sublime.  The Time Bandits had several releases which tugged at my heart strings and warmed the cockles of my very soul.  

From 1981's "Live it Up" to 1986's "I won't steal away" they rode the U.S. dance charts and European pop charts with varying degrees of success. With their two biggest being 1982's Live it Up making it up to #6 and 1985's I'm only Shooting Love making it all the way up to #2. And was a #1 pop hit in New Zealand.

Australia was one of their biggest markets.  Endless Road made it to #5 there in 1984 and became a morning music staple at The Saint and on Fire Island.  It remains my very favorite Time Bandits song.  I'm not embarrassed to say that the yearning in Alides Hidding's voice has brought me to tears. My friend Paul Goodyear did a tasty edit which you can find in the zip.

But when they hit it right they hit home-runs.  Perfect synth-pop that summed up an era and a feeling and will always hold a special place in my heart.

The Bandits remind me that it can feel so right to love a chirpy, poppy, light song.  To love it and to want to hear it again and again and again.

if you can read Dutch this talks about the chart action in their homeland

In the states we had the fortune of never being allowed to feel sick of them.  They never had a U.S. pop hit.  But punters in clubs like The Saint and Danceteria knew them well.

Alides Hidding the main songwriter in the band moved to L.A. in 1989 and had his songs covered by many artists including Jennifer Rush and The Nylons.

Endless Road 

Time can only whisper truth for both of us

All the answers I can find, I put my trust

In a never ending road that leads to my door

I don't want you to go, my love

That's all you have to know

And I want you to help my soul

Somebody show me the way

And I want you to know, my love

It's an endless road till love finally comes our way

My love, uuhhh

My love

It's an endless road till love finally comes our way

My love, uuhhh

Now, we fought against the wall where love was back before

We tried to make it flow but love wouldn't let us go

Crazy us, for all those wasted words

I don't want you to go my love

That's all you have to know

And I want you to heal my soul

Somebody show me the way

And I want you to know, my love

It's an endless road till love finally comes our way

My love, uuhhh

My love

It's an endless road till love finally comes our way

My love, uuhhh

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


It's been about three years since I've refreshed the links on this one.  ENJOY

Like a lot of coveted Italo Disco, Firefly records can be quite valuable nowadays. To many Americans they could be considered one hit wonders with their Emergency licensed dance hit Love (Is Gonna be on Your Side) which hit #3 on the Billboard Disco Chart. Their only showing on the U.S. dance chart. Incidentally the song is known by another name on their debut l.p. where it is called Love and Friendship. An earlier release Do it Dancin' was a 12" in my Ebay store.

A1 Love And Friendship (6:09)
A2 Three Days Of Sweetness (4:20)
A3 Forget It (5:53)
B1 You Make Me Happy (5:08)
B2 It's Time To Say Goodbye (3:45)
B3 Why (5:05)
B4 Dreaming Again (5:00)

But they actually were quite fruitful, recording several full l.p.'s in the 80's, mostly for Mr. Disc Organization records Italy. Here is their second l.p. My Desire which came out just after Love (Is Gonna be on Your Side). It's one helluva tight production. They coined the term Boogie sometime after the disco era ended making the word disco a bad word. "Boogie" groups like this flourished. They held onto the disco sound while refining it and toning it down. I've also heard this sound referred to as Modern Soul.

I hear more S.O.S. Band and Level 42 here then Charlie, Spacer Woman or 'lectric workers Robot is Systematic so I find it more influenced by soul then Italo Disco, at least not the spacey kind. My favorite cut has to be You Can Lead Me. Get a load of the spicy piano, and those vocals by Crystal Davis who has sung back-up for Candi Staton, Venus Dodson and the incomparable Patrick Adams masterpiece Dazzle. Roland Leonard handled most of the lead vocals on the rest of the l.p. and again on the 3rd Firefly l.p. only to fade away into obscurity after.

"you can lead, lead me by the hand, don't you know your love has brought me high"
"you can lead, lead me by the hand, now's the time to share your love with...."

"I won't discuss your past, life goes on too fast and we just have no time"

The title cut My Desire and Our Trade is Life are also brilliant, and were released as a double A side 12". I'm into the sentiments here, and throughout this album. There's a lot of yearning and sex without ever going grope or filth.

A1 Our Trade Is Life
A2 Come Back
A3 You Can Lead Me
A4 My Desire (Studio)
B1 Don't Stop
B2 My Desire
B3 Danielle
B4 Let Me Come In Your Life

The brainchild of Italian duo Maurizio Sangineto (The Creatures and Passengers) and Maurice Cavalieri (who under an alias was the aforementioned Charlie of "Spacer Woman," fame. Maurice was also Ago and Rainbow Team.
My Desire's music was recorded right where I live, in Rome, Italy at Studio TM while the vocals were recorded at Right Track Studios in New York City and it was mastered by the legendary Herb Powers. A name that is on countless labels of records I treasure.

Spacer Woman is one of my ULTIMATE Italo Disco favorites.
A spacer zip
The 3rd album is a lot more Synth Funk, Gino Soccio/Lime influenced. The first track Kiss Power is much better then the rest but like the first two it's a solid production.

A1 Kiss Power (5:10)
A2 Love Is Coming (5:15)
A3 With You (5:05)
A4 Give It To Me (5:00)
B1 Don't Be A Fool (5:12)
B2 I Just Want To Be Your Lover (5:11)
B3 Keep On (4:45)
B4 I Do Love You (4:47)

In 1992 a best of CD was released which leans heavily towards the material on My Desire. It has 8 tracks and then 5 more mixed together.


Here's another told post I'm brining back.

The vocalist for La Vie En Rose was meant to be Teresa Wiater.  Produced, arranged and remixed by the mighty Tom Moulton in 1977 it has become one of the definitive disco re-make classics.  His muse Grace Jones knowing a good thing when she hears one convinced Tom to give it to her.  The rest made history as it crossed over to pop all over Europe and other parts of the world.
TERESA VERSION (UNRELEASED) Teresa unfortunately fell into the depths of obscurity.  Although she managed to have one minor disco hit in 1979 with Once and For All.  Grace on the other hand.....
Teresa Wiater's version (if I figure out which external HD I put this on to I may add this to the post at a later date, for now you can hear the version posted on  you tube)
So which version is better?

And for those of you curious about the Edith Piaf original from 1945.

For fun in the zip I threw in the Nancy Martinez version.  She's a chanteuse from Montreal who had a few cute dance hits in the 80's under several different monikers.  LA VIE EN ZIP

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Phyllis Nelson the 2 hit wonder

Phyllis Nelson is definitely one of those coulda been artists.  Coulda but didn't except when gold struck twice.

In 1980 her debut single Don't Stop the Train was a hit at the seminal gay disco The Saint. Peaking at #20 on the U.S. dance chart  But it didn't get any pop traction.

Then out of nowhere in early 1985 her ballad Move Closer tore up the charts in Europe hitting #1 in the U.K. Though a wonderful record it saw no play in the states.

I love her gap tooth, Madonna and I have them too.

The France based singer then rocked it in the states.  Her single I Like You became one of the definitive classics of the Hi NRG disco sound.  Taking it all the way to #1 on the U.S. dance charts and getting some R&B traction too.  What a tune!  This 20 year old used to lose his mind to this record.  Shep Pettibone provided a fantastic mix and boy can I remember the joy I used to have dancing to this record.  What a positive message too.  

And then once again she faded into obscurity.  In 1988 at the age of 47 she succumbed to breast cancer in L.A. where she had been living.

Phyllis I liked you.

Amanda Lear embodies DISCO

reprinted from the excellent website Dangerous Minds


Model, painter, disco diva, TV personality and the absolute fiercest of the pioneering transsexuals (along with Candy Darling), Amanda Lear was born Alain Maurice Louis René Tap in Saigon, 1939. Or it could have been Paris. Or Hong Kong. The year might have been 1941, 1945 or as she now claims 1950. There is much competing information about her parents, none of it conclusive. In general, not much is known for sure about the early life of Amanda Lear and she would very much like to keep it that way. She claims to have been educated in Switzerland and she eventually made her way to Paris in 1959, taking the stage name “Peki d’Oslo,” performing as a stripper at the notorious drag bar, Le Carrousel.

Amanda Lear’s mid-60s model card.

The story goes that the gangly, yet exotic Eurasian beauty Peki had a nose job and sex change in Casablanca paid for by none other than the Surrealist master Salvador Dali, who frequented Le Carrousel, in 1963. Amanda, as she is now known, then makes her way to London to become a part of the swinging Chelsea set where she is rumored to have had a relationship with Rolling Stone Brian Jones. She models for Yves St. Laurent and Paco Rabanne and is a constant muse for the Divine Dali, but her career is held back by rumors that she was born a man or was a hermaphrodite. 

‘For Your Pleasure’ cover

Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry saw Lear on the runway during an Ossie Clark fashion show and invited her to be the model for Roxy’s For Your Pleasure album cover, walking a black panther on a leash. They were briefly engaged and that image has become iconic. Lear also had a yearlong affair with David Bowie who serenaded her with “Sorrow” in his “1980 Floor Show” (broadcast on The Midnight Special in 1974). Bowie helped Lear launch her musical career and by the late 1970s she had become a bestselling disco singer and television personality in Europe with hits like “Follow Me,” “Queen of Chinatown” and “I Am a Photograph.” 

The David Bailey photograph of Lear that appeared in the infamous 1971 Dali-edited issue of French Vogue

Amanda Lear’s autobiography, My Life With Dali came out in 1985 and it begins when she would have been approximately 24 or 25 years of age. Almost no mention whatsoever is made of her life before arriving in London in 1965. When Dali biographer Ian Gibson confronted her on camera about the gender of her birth in his The Fame and Shame of Salvador Dali TV documentary, Lear angrily—and not at all convincingly—stonewalled him. She has always vehemently denied that she was a transsexual despite it being a well-established fact. She even posed nude for Playboy and several other men’s magazines and often sunbathed naked on beaches to dispel the rumors. All this really proved was that she had a kickin’ bod, but if you ask me, I think it’s sad that she choses to keep up this pretense. She should be rightfully celebrated for her biggest accomplishment in life—ironically, being true to herself—but apparently Amanda Lear just doesn’t see it that way.

Amanda Lear vehemently denies having had a sex change on German television 1977.

Today Amanda Lear still looks amazing—she’s practically ageless no matter what her real biological… age might be—and continues to perform all over Europe. She’s sold somewhere in the vicinity of fifteen million albums and 25 million singles. She also has a thriving career as a painter and an original painting of hers can sell for $10,000 or more. She’s done stage acting and was the voice of Edna ‘E’ Mode in the Italian-dubbed version of The Incredibles. Lear was a judge on the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars.

“The Stud” from 1979’s ‘Sweet Revenge’ album

Modeling in the 60s with Patti Boyd Harrison and Karianne Muller (later a Roxy Music cover girl herself) in ‘Der Kommissar’:

Her big hit “Follow Me” on German TV’s ‘Musikladen’:

Another performance of “Follow Me,” this time on Dutch TV’s ‘TopPop’ program:

“I am a Photograph” live in 1982:

“I am a Photograph” music video:

“Queen of Chinatown”:


“Blood and Honey”:

Amanda Lear in her first TV commercial appearance, circa 1967, for Révillon’s Detchema fragrance. The music is by cult figure French soundtrack composer, François de Roubaix:

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Walk the Night

Other then Italo disco, morning music and sleaze have been a big feature on Disco Vinyl.  It's a type of sound that I don't want to ever forget.  Oh the memories of a morning music sets under the dome!

The Skatt Brothers were a Los Angeles band that had been working with Kiss and like them were also signed to Casablanca.  Walk the Night is their only track that made some waves in fact it went all the way up to the #9 on the Billboard dance chart in 1980.

It's a special record and always gets a good response.  It was even featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto 4.  According to Rockstar Games, the company thought the song so important to have on the soundtrack that they hired a private investigator to locate Delaney's (who died in 2003) surviving relatives and secure the rights to include it. wikipedia


For one of my most interesting posts go up to the search function and look for sleaze or morning music.  There is a great run-down on the genre.  Unfortunately the links are pretty much all dead but a pretty pretty please and I may even go look for some of them again.

Friday, July 21, 2017

French Synth Pop Italo Disco Stereo, Somewhere in the Night

Not every italo disco record was made in Italy.  This 1982 French release by Stereo is a good example.

Somewhere in the Night is haunting and moody and very Synth Poppy.  It reminds me a lot of Visage Fade to Grey.


The Night Valerie Dore's signature italo disco single (including the Ben Liebrand remix)

Some refreshed links of my most popular blog since I started writing it years ago.  I'm actually refreshing it yet again.

The Night is my favorite Valerie Dore record.  She had a string of italo disco hits in the mid 80's.   But this is her debut single from 1984.  The download links are interspersed in the body of this blog.


The Valerie Dore project was started with the voice of Dora Carofiglio, the vocalist of Novecento. She sang the hit "The Night". During the years of activity the team included also Monica Stucchi (who sang, with Dora Carofiglio, other hits like "Get Closer" and "It's So Easy"). Simona Zanini wrote the lyrics for the 2nd arc of the project, "The Legend" album and singles taken from it. Marco Tansini and Simona had been working with Merak Music (Monia, Diana Barton, John Ryel) and producer Roberto Gasparini decided to give them the job, which included Simona following Monica's singing and pronunciation, and recording background vocals too.

Monica Stucchi

2 by VAL


Monday, July 17, 2017

Leigh Bowery as Minty

Leigh Bowery first made a big splash when he was promoting Taboo with his partner Trojan in London in the early 80's.  It was an incredibly trendy event, and people were encouraged to be as wild as possible.  Pop stars Marilyn and Boy George were a great part of that scene.  But who could be wilder then Leigh?  In fact so wild that Boy George an old friend of his from those days actually portrayed him in the West End and on Broadway in the play Taboo.

Though I ended up becoming friends with Leigh, we the club kids of New York always worshipped and admired him.  No matter what he always one-upped us in looks and in behavior.  Michael Alig, the New York club kid King often had his roommate and nifty with a sewing machine friend Ernie Glam, copy the looks giving them a little twist.

I'll never forget the time, though I don't remember whether it was in New York or London.  That Leigh took me in his arms and said "Goldy Loxxx you are fabulous!" to which I answered "No Leigh you are fabulous!" to which he repeated again "No Goldy Loxxx you are fabulous!" and I laughed and we had a dance.  Like no other club personality before or after Leigh just demanded to be noted, and if it wasn't just for the outfit it would end there.  But it was always so much more.  His personality, his dance moves, everything was on huge scale!  We all wanted his approval.

 The shot above is from Shampoo at Limelight a party I used to host on Saturdays in 1991.  When we brought him over for the party Peter Gatien, the owner of The Limelight was actually afraid of what he would do and we ended up paying him not to do anything.  I guess he was sure he was going to attempt to re-enact the show where he did an enema before and then comes out and on stage actually projectile shoots the liquid at the front row!  Gross yes, but once again he made sure everybody was talking about him.

These shots of us together were taken at The Limelight and at a house party I threw for Kenny Kenny at Waterside Plaza.  As you can see Mr. Pearl a great friend of Leigh's is in the picture with us too.  Pearl is a famous corset designer who has worked with many of the biggest names in fashion.

But Leigh always wanted more.  I think he wanted to be a household name.  Even though he was immortalized in paintings by the incredibly talented Lucien Freud (which now are worth millions), and he is probably the most photographed club kid of all time, it wasn't enough.

So one of his last successful endeavours was an attempt at pop stardom in his group Minty.  Their debut single, Useless Man though banned from U.K. radio was a really solid House effort.  The lyrics of course were over the top.

He certainly got a lot of press from it.  He also was well known for his incredible club performance which was even taken to New York's Wigstock and featured in the film, where he gave birth to his wife Nicola.  Yes he was married.  She was his assistant and a great friend so I guess he figured what the hell.

But what didn't he do?  He went on tour as part of Michael Clarke's dance company and he even sold some of his fashions here and there.  But he didn't really want to.  He didn't really want people to wear his clothes.  That would have made them less fabulous, and you know what, he was right.


On New Years Eve 1994 Leigh succumbed to complications from A.I.D.S. and we were all shocked and sad.  He was so active practically right up to the last minute and had been really hush-hush about not being well.  I mean the record came out in 1994 and he did shows in support of it just weeks before.

I'll never forget the impact Leigh had on me and my life will forever be enriched for just having known him.